Company Personnel

Norm Lasslett is a Director and Principal Consultant for Procex Pty Ltd.

Silvia Malaisirirath is a Director and Graphic Designer for Procex Pty Ltd.

Other contract personnel are utilised as necessary.

Norm Lasslett MIEAust CPEng NER APEC Engineer IntPE(Aus)

With over 30 years working for Australian Paper Manufacturers, Amcor Ltd, Amcor Research & Technology Centre, McKinley Paper Company, Australian Paper and Procex, Norm Lasslett has acquired significant skills and experience in various areas of the pulp and paper industry. Positions held in that time have included: Senior Systems Engineer,  Chief Control Systems Engineer,   Manager Control Technology,  Principal Research Engineer - Process Control, and Manager Manufacturing Systems.

The following list indicates the breadth of process control and IT applications that he has been involved in:

Process Control

  • Systems engineering - troubleshooting and implementing advanced controls in the pulp and paper processes at Maryvale and Fairfield Mills.
  • Management and programming of in-house Quality Control Systems controlling moisture, grammage, speed and refiners on M1, M2, F6 and F5 paper machines from 1973 through to 1985. APM were pioneers in the application of computer control to paper machines.
  • Modeling and optimization of processes, eg. linear programming models for the power plants at Botany, Fairfield and Maryvale Mills.
  • Selection, design, installation and maintenance of Quality Control Systems at Botany, Fairfield, Maryvale, Petrie, Spearwood, Apcel and Cellulose Mills.
  • Maryvale Batch Mill - Management and programming of the original Varian process control computer system controlling the batch digesters. Involved in the replacement of the original system with a FOX300 system.
  • MKMP Pine Mill - This project involved the management, design, programming and commissioning of the FOX300 supervisory control of the Kamyr continuous digester. This was one of the most successful control systems projects ever implemented in APM. It ran well for 20 years with little modification until replaced in 2004.
  • Recovery Boiler - The preparation of software for computer control (FOX300) of the sootblowing of Maryvale No. 6 recovery boiler.
  • Colour Removal Plant - This project involved responsibility for all instrument/computer (Foxboro Multistation) matters connected with the relocation of controls and building of new plant at Maryvale.
  • Maryvale 3 Rebuild - Involved in preliminary design and engineering of control systems.
  • Responsible for the development and maintenance of Control Systems Standards for the Amcor Group for 10 years.
  • Member of the Central Burner Management Committee for several years.
  • Developed a novel optical inspection system for the multi-wall sack bottomer at St. Regis Bates, Keon Park. This system monitored dimensions and bag closure and allowed increased output as manual inspection was eliminated.
  • Managed the process control aspects of the installation of Measurex scanners and DCS’s at Fairfield 6 and Fairfield 2. 
  • Lectured at the APPI Master of Engineering course at Monash University in process control.
  • Managed an energy conservation project using a PLC for Amcor Research & Technology Centre HVAC which won a SECV award.
  • Nominated as the representative for Australia on the organising committee for the Control Systems 94 conference in Stockholm Sweden.

Information Technology

  • Managed a development group of 10 analysts and programmers. The applications included Finishing Management System (FMS), Production Recording System (PRS), Inventory Management Accounting System (IMAS) and Forests. FMS was installed at Fairfield, Broadford, Functional Coatings and Maryvale during this period.
  • Seconded to McKinley Paper Company in New Mexico for 12 months. The task was to determine the business needs for this new subsidiary of Amcor Paper Group and to select and implement the appropriate systems. The applications included:
    • Sales, order entry, accounts receivable
    • Roll tracking system
    • Block schedule, trim optimisation, load planning
    • Expert system for problem diagnosis
    • Maintenance Management System
    • Preventive Maintenance Vibration Analysis
    • Integrated Quality System
    • GL, AP, AR, Purchasing
    • Office Automation
    • cc:Mail
  • Developed an expert system knowledge base for diagnosing problems on paper machines.
  • Development of a pulp mill scheduling system to calculate desired production rates to satisfy demand and maintain storages at optimal levels within constraints in the white liquor, digester and black liquor systems.
  • Involved in a "Proof of Concept" evaluation of SAP.
  • Development of strategic and tactical plans for manufacturing systems in Australian Paper.

Silvia Malaisirirath

Silvia’s specialty is Graphic Design. Her experience includes:

  • Design of logos for several companies, including McKinley Paper Company (Amcor Group), Womens Workout Centre, Luda Production, Syber Software, Tric Bike Paintworks, Clean Technology Solutions, Society of Hospital Pharmacists Australia, Procex, etc.
  • Design of graphics for PRO-PLAN.

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