News 2021-05-30

Supply, install and commission wireless signal mutiplexer and remote operator station for an excavator processing logs on a woodline.

News 2021-01-25

Reworked logic for chip distribution conveying and group starts to allow different operating strategies following a fire.

News 2020-07-30

Quoted on a wireless signal multiplexer and operator station for an excavator.

News 2019-08-30

Engaged to build mass balances, Process Flow Diagrams (PFD) and Plant Layouts for a novel process producing a green solvent from wood fibre.

News 2018-08-26

Detailed design, programming and commissioning for PLC control of a shuttle conveyor and winch for a mixed species woodline.

News 2017-12-23

Writing specification for Burner Management System and Emergency Shutdown Procedure for a recovery boiler.

News 2017-11-30

Designed and supplied controls for a conditioned paper test room.

News 2016-09-12

Repeat order received for a H Factor controller for a pulping laboratory air bath oven.

News 2016-09-09

Completed 3 year assignment to develop and improve control systems for Maryvale Deinking Plant.

News 2014-10-15

Presented "Benefits of Optimisation Based Production Scheduling within Integrated Pulp and Paper Operations" at APPITA 2014 Conference in Rotorua, New Zealand. 

News 2014-01-11

ProPlan has been redeveloped as "PulpPlan" by Greycon. 

News 2013-07-10

Fred Lasslett passed away today.  

News 2013-05-09

Present a Master Class on "Consistency Control from High Density Silos" at the APPITA 2013 Conference.

News 2012-12-02

"Australian War Diaries" - an account of Fred Lasslett's time as a sailor on HMAS Perth and time as a POW in Japan during WWII - has been re-released following a 2nd printing. Copies available for $25 from Procex.

News 2012-02-12

Detailed functional descriptions written for chemical dosing systems, CO2 pH control, evaporators, backwater systems, effluent plant, clarifiers, refiners and stock systems.

News 2011-10-26

Completed EEO (Energy Efficiency Opportunities) Assessment for an integrated pulp and paper mill.

News 2011-06-10

Commenced EEO (Energy Efficiency Opportunities) Assessment for an integrated pulp and paper mill.

News 2011-02-25

Assisting Perceptive Engineering with multivariable modelling of a paper machine wet end.

News 2010-04-19

"Energy Auditing" presentation at Appita 2010 conference.

News 2009-11-17

"TTC Offers Scanner At Bargain Introductory Price"

 Following successful installations in China, TTC Inc. is keen to establish itself in other parts of the Asia-Pacific region.

To facilitate this, and demonstrate TTC’s capability in both system upgrades and new equipment, TTC is offering a system based around a refurbished scanner with TTC’s “plug and play” supporting measurement and control infrastructure.

The refurbished scanner can accommodate a web width of 3.96 metres, and sensors for grammage, moisture, thickness, colour, etc.

If your company is considering upgrading or replacing an existing QCS, we should be able to provide a quotation that will be attractive to you.

If you are interested in pursuing this cost-effective application of modern technology, then Contact Procex!

News 2009-01-02

Tuning of controls for a new Bleach Plant.

News 2008-12-24

Commissioning of controls for a new screen room for a continuous digester.

News 2008-06-21

Commissioning of controls for a chemical preparation plant.

News 2007-07-2

Reconfiguration of controls for a batch digester.

News 2006-10-24

Project management and control strategy design for a DCS upgrade of a pulp mill.

News 2006-09-03

Commence work on process control for a DFLS conversion of a continuous digester.

News 2006-04-04

"Control Over Kaos" paper on process control troubleshooting presented at Appita 2006 Conference in Melbourne.

News 2005-08-26

Procex has conducted Process Control Troubleshooting courses in Melbourne and Rotorua in conjunction with Doug Nelson of ProNamics Control Inc.

News 2005-05-11

Procex opened an office in Bangkok, Thailand to facilitate business in South East Asia.

News 2004-10-21

Pro-Plan exhibited along with TTC products and the Optest FQA (Fibre Quality Analyzer) at the ABTCP Congress and Expo in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

News 2004-07-24

Although Pro-Plan is aimed at boosting efficiency in more complex mills, a mill study at a single line pulp mill and paper machine showed significant potential to increase throughput by using Pro-Plan. 

News 2004-06-03

"Production Scheduling for Pulp Mills" paper presented at PulPaper2004 Conference in Helsinki Finland.

News 2004-04-20

"Smart Scheduling of Pulp Mills and Chemical Recoveries" paper presented at APPITA Conference in Canberra Australia.

News 2004-03-01

Procex appointed as a sales representative for TTC Inc. of Canada - a manufacturer and systems integrator of paper machine scanners and control systems.

News 2003-06-01

Pro-Plan's shutdown planning capability has been extended. Longer term trending allows "what if's" to show the feasibility of alternative plans.

News 2003-05-13

Norm Lasslett presented Pro-Plan at the New Technology Showcase during the TAPPI 2003 Spring Technical Conference in Chicago on May 12, 2003.

News 2002-10-25

The planning of grades to be produced on each paper machine or pulp dryer has been enhanced with dialogs that allow grades to be easily selected and re-arranged. Speeds and furnish percentages can be altered if current conditions result in operation different to standard rates and furnishes.

News 2002-4-15

Washer dilution factor optimization has been implemented in Pro-Plan. Because of the significant impact of washer dilution factor on evaporator and recovery boiler solids throughput, bleach chemical consumption and soda loss, Pro-Plan optimizes the dilution factors against cost and total mill production.

News 2002-3-22

Another mill study shows that a 5% increase in pulp output would result from using Pro-Plan in that mill.

News 2002-1-10

A Production Cost module has been added to Pro-Plan. It calculates the costs of steam, gas and power for the recommended strategy and displays a comparison with the equivalent costs for the current strategy. This is a component required for future total cost optimization.

News 2001-12-14

Mill Studies have shown the degree of improvement possible resulting from the use of the Pro-Plan Pulp Mill & Recovery Optimization System:

One study indicated that pulp production would be increased by an average of 3.5%.

Another study indicated that bleach plant production could be increased by 5%, thus replacing purchased bleached pulp and saving around $700,000 annually.

News 2001-10-3

Because of the evolution of the Pro-Plan Pulp Mill & Recovery Scheduling System into process efficiency improvement and cost minimization, it has been renamed as the Pro-Plan Pulp Mill & Recovery Optimization System.

News 2001-06-18

Pronyx AB, a Swedish group focusing on industrial IT-solutions, has entered into an agreement to cooperate with Procex Pty Ltd of Melbourne Australia, to market, install and support the Pro-Plan Pulp Mill & Recovery Scheduling System in Scandinavia.

Pronyx AB develops tailor-made industrial IT-solutions for the process industry as a whole. Its subsidiary Pronyx Paper targets the pulp and paper industry. 

Pronyx will promote the Pro-Plan product together with the Pronyx PaperLine, PulpMan & StabOpti concepts. The integration of these products will allow better coordination and optimization of the pulping/recovery and papermaking processes.

News 2001-03-20

As well as balancing the steam supply and demand, PRO-PLAN now also allocates steam generation  to power boilers and recovery boilers in the most economic manner. This will lower the operating cost of the mill.

News 2001-03-10

The algorithms to determine the optimal time to schedule evaporator washes have been improved. PRO-PLAN now monitors the degradation of evaporator performance and determines the point at which evaporators should be washed to maximize the throughput over the longer term. 

Another feature to maximize pulp mill output!

News 2001-02-26

PRO-PLAN now includes other constraints beside those of production unit throughputs, liquor restrictions and storage level limitations.

Constraints now also include:


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