Expert Systems

Expert Systems which capture information from the experts and provide that expertise to everybody are an important tool for achieving manufacturing excellence.

The Benefits

The use of expert systems allows faster solution of problems and less reliance on memory, by leading operators through appropriate check lists or procedures for exhaustive troubleshooting of problems. They provide a valuable means of trapping knowledge and making it easily available to all operating crews.

For example:

  • good operating or troubleshooting methods employed by the old hands (most companies no longer have as many experts),
  • that problem that occurs only once every six months,
  • a good solution to a problem found by one crew,
  • filtering of alarms to highlight the source of problems, or more important consequences.

An expert system is an advantage given today's changing production environment (different people, different skills, different experiences) by being able to retain the experience and expertise of people after they retire.

The tangible benefits of the expert system for the business are:

  • more rapid diagnosis of problems
  • reduced downtime
  • better operator expertise
  • less off spec product
  • safer operation

because the correct control actions are taken in response to problems.

It also promotes a more methodical analysis of problems and more emphasis on preventing problems before they occur.

A good example of an expert system application is PRO-MOAT (Procex - Machine Operations Advisory Tool) which advises paper machine operators on runnability and quality problems.

For consulting in this area, Contact Procex!

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