Control Systems Training

Improving Control Performance & Reducing Variability

High process variability compromises the economic performance of pulp and paper processes through reduced production, increased operating costs and off-quality product. A control loop that is well designed, maintained and tuned can play a key role in minimizing process variability. Unfortunately, the control loop often acts to increase process variability due to poor valve dynamics, oscillatory controller tuning, and sensor problems.

The instrumentation technician who is given the responsibility of maintaining control loop health and optimizing controller tuning sometimes has little or no formal training in these activities. Tuning the controller by ‘guesswork’ is a frustrating experience, often resulting in little or no improvement in control loop performance.

Training will provide the ‘tools’ to identify and correct process control problems using sound engineering principles. 

Procex can provide training using the process simulator and course developed by ProNamics Control Inc. of Canada.

The 4 day course is split into an introductory loop optimization section and a more advanced control optimization section. 

In the loop optimization section, the attendees will learn how to conduct open loop bump tests, determine 1st order and integrator process dynamics, evaluate non-linearities, calculate Lambda tuning constants. 40% of this section is a computer based lab, where concepts presented are applied using a realistic simulation of a stock preparation area.

The process and control optimization section builds on the concepts introduced in the loop optimization section. The focus is on optimizing the control system to improve process performance.

The major topics include:

o Development of tuning strategies to improve stability in the key process variables 

o Troubleshooting techniques to identify and correct controller induced variability problems 

o Techniques to assist in the identification/elimination of process and product variability

o Time series analysis techniques such as the power spectrum

A process and control optimization ‘survey’ is conducted on the stock preparation area simulation to consolidate all of the concepts presented. 50% of the process and control optimization section is spent in the lab.

To organise training in your plant, Contact Procex!

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